PFSA Structure: Programs Funded:

Funds are allocated through seven funding windows (or programs). Five of these funding windows (or programs) are World Bank-Executed (BE), with funds disbursed directly by the World Bank and two are Recipient Executed, with funds disbursed by a recipient under a grant supervised by the World Bank.

Bank Executed (BE)

  • Infrastructure for Growth Initiative (IFG):  IFG supports infrastructure delivery with a focus on two sectors - energy and transport. IFG has two key focus areas that cover the entire region - regional economic integration and climate change.
  • South Asia Gender Initiative (SAGE)The SAGE window aims at mainstreaming gender across all sectors and supporting gender informed policy making in the region. 
  • Water and Sanitation Initiative (WSI) India:  This window provides support for policy and advocacy for water and sanitation sector reforms in India and for the design, implementation, and monitor­ing and evaluation of Bank projects that support these reforms.
  • The Pakistan Trade and Investment Policy Program (PTIPP): This window supports Pakistan’s efforts to increase regional trade and investment, with a special focus on strengthening links to other South Asian countries.
  • The South Asia Regional Trade Facilitation Program (SARFT): SARTF window aims at boosting shared prosperity and gender equality through increased regional integration, supporting greater physical connectivity, lower man-made barriers to trade, and stronger networks to encourage entrepreneurship and economic opportunities.

Recipient Executed (RE)

  • Sri Lanka North East WASH Window:  This RE window funded a pilot project to provide water and sanitation facilities and hygiene education for households in two districts in the North and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka.
  • North East Local Services Improvement Project (NELSIP)NELSIP provides basic infrastructure and strengthens the capacity of local governments for accountable services delivery and supports communities in holding their local governments accountable 


Supporting Regional Connections to Boost Prosperity / Photo Credit: Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank
Supporting Regional Connections to Boost Prosperity