March, 2013

Spotlight On PFSA - ISSUE 1

The Government of Karnataka is committed to improving water and sanitation services in the state. To facilitate this, the government has initiated several schemes, including the Bank funded Karnataka Urban Water Sector Improvement Project (KUWASIP). Under the $39.5 million project, 24/7 water supply was piloted in zones of three cities – Hubli-Dharwad, Gulbarga and Belgaum from 2002. This project addressed the issue of financial sustainability and service delivery by providing uninterrupted water supply, comprehensive metering, streamlined billing, better payment procedures by partnering with the private sector. Read this issue (PDF) here.

“Spotlight on PFSA” is a series of briefs developed to share good practices from activities funded by AusAID and The World Bank in the South Asia region. The briefs provide stories, results, and lessons learnt across different sectors  – Water & Sanitation, Gender, Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Local Governance & Service Delivery.

A boy reaches for a water faucet, India. Photo by Allison Kwesell / World Bank