The Partnerships for South Asia (PFSA) trust fund is delivering significant results in the region, through the financing of wide range of activities.

As of December 31, 2014 a total of 81 activities had been funded.  As shown below, activities in the areas of water and sanitation, and gender dominated the first two years of implementation of PFSA, with activities in the infrastructure area taking over in 2013 and 2014.

Below you can access all PFSA active grants as of December 2014.

Making Differences One Project at a Time. / Photo Credit: Visual News Associate / World Bank
Making Differences One Project at a Time
Photo Credit: Visual News Associate / World Bank


Grant Title Country Programs Funded Objective
Young Women for of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Employment in Afghanistan Afghanistan South Asia Gender initiative To go beyond traditional approaches to gender and youth inclusion in economic activities and labor markets, by exploring opportunities emerging from the global virtual economy and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Bhutan Electric Vehicles (EV) Initiative Bhutan Infrastructure For Growth To provide support to the Bhutan Electric Vehicle Initiative, as well as to facilitate advice and knowledge exchange on green urban development and transport, and on use of clean energy in transport.
Accounting for Natural Assets to Support Inclusive Green Growth in Himachal Pradesh, India India Infrastructure For Growth To implement natural capital accounting, beginning with forest accounts, and to add these to the system of state income accounts. Also, to support capacity development to enable the Department of Economics and Statistics, in-charge of collection, compilation, and analysis of statistics related to the state economy, to compile natural capital accounts on a regular basis, and to support policy analysis of these data.
India Gender Report India South Asia Gender initiative To examine the gender dynamics of labor behavior and economic inequality in India in the context of economic growth and societal change.
Strengthening Institutional Development in World Bank-Funded Transport Projects India Infrastructure For Growth To identify modern approaches and best practices emerging in institutional development and capacity building activities under World Bank-funded transport sector investments in India. Also, to identify relevant global good practices, and leverage these identified best practices to enhance the impact of World Bank Group transport investments in India.
India: Options Paper for Developments along the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor India Infrastructure For Growth To provide the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, State Governments, with an analysis of the economic and physical development opportunities associated with the improvements in connectivity that will result from the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor. The study aims to identify policies, programs, institutional arrangements and financing alternatives to ensure that investments are fully leveraged to drive economic growth, regional development and poverty alleviation.
Risk Mitigation and Credit Enhancement of public-private partnership (PPP) roads in Kerala India Infrastructure For Growth To provide focused technical assistance and consultancy services aimed at improving the attractiveness of the first state highway to be undertaken as a PPP project.
India - Innovative financing structures to leverage private sector financing for Powergrid India Infrastructure For Growth To provide financial and legal advisory support for a World Bank guaranteed syndicated loan transaction for India's national transmission company, Powergrid.